Sunday, November 7, 2010

There's no place like home

For my fall break I had to return to the states to get my visa. I am so glad I had to make that trip because I had such a great time seeing family and friends! Being home it was hard to remember why I ever left. I am sure once I get busy and back into the swing of things that feeling will fade. It was great to see everyone though!
First I went to Springfield for the weekend. I landed at 6 on Saturday and when I arrived at my Uncle's house there were lots of wonderful people ready to say hi and play games! Even Mike, Christina, Maddy and Jackson came up as a surprise! Maddy and I had quite the reunion hug(s) hehe. It felt so good to be back at a family party! Nick even got to come up for the weekend which of course I was looking forward to. It felt like no time had passed and I had never even left.
Early Monday morning my parents and I got up, got lots of Dunkins and headed to NYC! I had to drop off my visa paperwork but that only took a few minutes. So we stayed for a while and enjoyed the city! We went up in the Empire State building, which I had never done. Quite the view! Then we walked to times square and had a delicious lunch at Planet Hollywood.

After lunch I went on my way to Maryland! I had dinner in Maryland with Mike, Christina, Maddy and Jackson then Maddy and I went on an adventure to Virginia! We spent Tuesday with the Virginia Arnolds! After breakfast Maddy, Ty and I went to Chuck E. Chesse's for some games and rides. We had lunch with Jeff at his school and then played at home with Kim an baby Ryan! After dinner Maddy and I headed back to Maryland so she could get back to school for Wednesday. 

Wednesday I went  to Boston to see Nick! We got Indian food with his parents. It was lots of fun and great to catch up. I got to talk with Lauren about her visit and get excited for her to come here in February! Thursday when Nick got out of class we went and got a delicious American breakfast! We went to a cute little diner near him called The Breakfast Club. It was so good, I had an amazing blended coffee and we laughed a lot like always. Thursday night I got dinner with the girls from school. We went to Cambridge Commons for old time sake! It was a blast and again felt like no time had passed. We caught up over some beer punch and mac n cheese bites. After dinner some of us went to watch the Lesley girls win their soccer game. Then celebrated with Berry Line! Yum!

Friday I ran to NYC to get my visa and returned back to Boston because I could not had to see Nick again. I ended up staying to see his game that night as well. The result was not great but I was glad to be there to see him play because he did well.
Saturday morning I returned to Springfield to say goodbye to my mom and head back to reality. We got to spend some time together in the morning before I left which was nice. Then I had to say goodbye. It was sad to leave but I am already looking forward to my next visit home! Thanks everyone for making my trip so great I love and miss you all!!

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