Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life is beautiful

Well this week has been pretty uneventful, which was nice.  It was a very relaxing week that was not too busy. During the week I was able to spend some night just skyping with people I don't talk with often and reading some of my book. I am trying to read Eat, Pray, Love before I go home so I can see it soon in theaters. It is a great book and really makes me think a lot. Just the other day the book inspired my sister, my mother and me to make a list of ways to indulge. I am realizing the importance of me time taking time to do things like read, take a walk, take a bath and just enjoying little things. My favorite quote from the book so far that I really love is "You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight." Now that I have settled into life here I am really trying to work on this. I think I already know life is beautiful and am able to find joy in the little things, but I can still work on finding everyday simple beauties and pleasures. One things she is working on is alone time in the book. There could not be a better time in my life for me to work on this and to learn to enjoy being alone.
This is our cone sushi we started with
On Friday night my roommates and I were too tired to do much so we decided to stay in and make sushi while we watched some Sex in the City! It was the perfect girls night in. Making sushi was super easy and very yummy! We all needed to just relax and catch up on some sleep.

my master piece, and wonderful photograph taken by Ashley

Today I went to one of my favorite places, the market at Midi station! It is such a large market full of all different kinds of things and so chaotic, I love it! I got all my fruits and veggies for the week and prepared some meals when I got home. After the market I went to a restaurant with my roommate Ashlee to study French. We are trying to make this a habit so we will study and see new restaurants. During the week we went out for a glass of wine and some amazing gelato around the corner. Today we just got coffee and probably the best hot cocoa (chocolate chaud) I have ever had! It is so nice we can just go sit for hours in a restaurant and they won't rush us out, we can just sit and drink and study. It was a wonderful day. Now I am going to read a little more. This coming week should be pretty busy, we have our Halloween party for all of ISB faculty at our apartment on Saturday! I will be sure to post about then next weekend :).  
Have a good week love and miss you all at home, but see you soon!


  1. Love it dude! Your sushi looks great, and I'm still in Italy in Eat Pray Love, but its such a gerat book!

  2. Impressive sushi! I'm so glad you made it to the market! You sound like you're relaxed. That's great! I thought of another way to indulge: Take a walk in the brisk, cool, fall weather, and stop and enjoy the foliage. Something we're all just too busy to do here in New England... :(