Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend in Switzerland

My roommate Ashlee and I knew nothing about Geneva but found a good deal on flights and a hostel a little while ago and booked a fight. We went into the weekend with little expectations but were excited for a relaxing weekend out of wet and cold Brussels. The weekend was so wonderful! The two of us are great travel buddies and were both incredibly laid back and flexible. The first night we got there late so we just checked in and grabbed a pita near the hostel. The hostel was so so great, free internet and a lounge room with movies every night. Great find, even though I got some spider bites at night.

Saturday we went out and walked around all day long. For breakfast we got the most amazing crepes right by our place. Mine was filled with egg and goat cheese! Then we started walking. We intended to go back after a bit and go out for a run but we just kept walking.It was so beautiful outside that day we were so excited! We had not felt sunshine in a while so at one point we just sat and enjoyed the weather by the water. It wa very nice and relaxing. On our walk we saw the big cathedral from afar and saw that there were people in the tower. So we made our way over and climbed up what felt like a million windy scary stairs until the top to the best view of the city! It was so beautiful and we could see forever out over the lake. The city’s big attraction is the jet d’eau which translates to the jet of water…exactly what it is. It is only on for certain hours of the day so we were lucky to be up in the tower while it was running. Ashlee kept calling it the jet blue by accident because it sounds similar which I thought was hysterical. This jet is the world’s largest fountain and rather impressive. We walked and ate chocolate all throughout the day. Then we stopped for cheese fondu for dinner. We were so beat after walking all day we headed home early and caught some of the movie showing at the hostel.

The next day we had to leave at 1 so we got up early and went for a run to explore. This was great because we got to farther things that we could not get to the day before. We saw the botanical garden, which I am guessing is more impressive in the warmer months, but it was still a good run. Then we ran past a sign for a boat tour on the lake. We looked at the times and prices and decided to get breakfast and do that instead of showring. It was such a fun and spontaneous decision. So about an hour before we should have been on our way to the airport we were on a boat. We left ourselves plenty of time and made the flight but it was just a quick day. The boat tour was a ltitle chilly but very nice. We saw casles and mansions of the man that invented colgate toothpaste and other important things :). All in all it was a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I love that you skipped your shower for the boat ride! Extremely worth it!!! Showering is over-rated anyway! LOVE YOU!