Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is starting to feel real...

Last Saturday ISB took us on a tour of the city. The first part was bus then we walked and ended at Grand Place. It was great to figure out where things were and know what we were looking at. In the Grand Place we had a beer tasting! Work bought us six drinks. I think I have tasted them all now. :) The rest of the weekend we spent resting and getting to know the city. My roommate and I went for a 2 hour run/walk. We went all over the city and discovered what we were near! It was really exciting.
We are still having meetings for orientation and the most exciting one was yesterday morning with the head of ISB. It was a professional development and for the first time I was officially on the staff! It was so exciting, I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be. Thanks Lesley!! I was able to contribute and be right on the same page as everyone. The school's philosophy and way of doing things seems so amazing and ideal! I am so excited to be a part of this school and I am not sure how I will ever work for another school. :)
Today school took us to IKEA for some things we needed for our place. It was a fabulous trip and now I feel like this is a cozy home. I have a blanket, real pillows, slippers and a rug. :)
Despite the rainy days and distance from all of those I love I am really enjoying it here! I miss you all and hope to talk with you soon. :) Bye for now!
Le Grand Place
The middle is blocked off because of a festival next weekend.
My new and improved bedroom!

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