Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Day!

Hello Friends and Family!
My friend Donna inspired me to do this so that you can all know what I am doing while I am away. I don't know why I chose to start at 1:30am here, so it will be brief with no pictures. I will add more later..

Today was my first day on the job! It was just orientation so no one has really called me Miss Arnold yet. It was a great day though! The school is so amazing. We had a campus tour and saw the classrooms, huge libraries, tennis bubble, fitness center, rock climbing gym and much more! The people that I work with are fabulous and most of us went out for drinks right after orientation and then met up again for dinner. We all mesh very well so far and like to travel. It should be a very fun year.

I live with three other girls, all of us are interns in the Early Childhood Center. We all get along well, but it is still early :). I think things will be great though. We have a very nice place with a lot of space. It is three floors and it is almost as if I have my own apartment because I have my own floor pretty much. I love my little balcony it has a view out to the back of other apartments but there are gardens and it looks so European.

Brussels itself is also so beautiful. The weather is funny one minute it will be hot, the next cold and then it will rain so that will take some getting used to. The buildings and streets are so gorgeous here. The people have also been very friendly and helpful to us poor English speakers.

That is all for not as I must try to sleep. I will blog again soon with pictures :)


  1. What's a tennis bubble?!?! I want one!

  2. Sounds like you're right where you're supposed to be! can't wait to see photos too!! :)

  3. Hi Jess! We Got really excited to hear from you. Sounds like your settling in just fine. Your apartment looks really comfy and cute! I wish I was ther to go out to lunch with you gals! The buffet looks FABULOUS!!!! We loved going to Sringfield to meet your family and to see you off!! NOT GOODBYE!!! I'm glad you like your bag. Im glad you made it there safely. I'm very excited and happy for you honey! Keep the pictures and e-mails coming!! We love to here from you!! Love Rita