Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow it has been a while since I have posted, things have been getting very busy! First I must say thank you for the comments! I am a little slow and just realized I had comments, it made me so happy! I am glad people are reading and enjoying :).

I also have to share very exciting news that I am now an auntie x4!!!! Little Ryan Daniel Arnold was born on the 16th and I can't wait to meet him!

As for life here, things are going well. The first weekend in September was Beer Fest in Brussels. There were a bunch of tents set up in the grand place where the flower carpet was. We tried many beers I think my favorite was the mango beer. Very different but very good!

Mango beer!

My french classes have started and they are going tres bien! hehe. I am taking them with my roommate Ashlee and while it is making our schedule crazy, we really like it. We have a small class with a great teacher. Our first homework assignment was to go to a bakery and order a croissant, pretty great class to me!The teacher makes it fun and I am not worried if I make a fool of myself. Hopefully I will learn a lot so I can start talking to people here! Many people do speak English so I could get by but I would like to be able to not be the dumb American. We actually already had to miss a class for our open house at school. Our teacher was very understanding and Ashlee and I studied in the park Saturday to catch up.

Open house was really great! I was nervous because I presented half of a power point my co-teacher uses every year. I have never had to do anything like this in front of parents so I was scared. It was great though! Many parents have students in other grades too, so we had a small crowd which helped. The presentation went very well and I am happy to have my first open house over with! I feel like I will be much better prepared when I have my own room now.

In addition to French classes and open house our after school activities started this past week. I do two activities a week to earn a little extra money. They were fun and very simple. I do after school supervision for the children who have staff parents one day. Then Wednesday I am working with the drama teacher to have a rhythm and dance class with little kids. That one will be a lot of fun! I even have some of the kids in my classroom in this program. Busy but fun schedule!

Last weekend my roommates and I went to Amsterdam for the day. It was a beautiful city with lots of canals. We did a tour of the Heineken brewery while we were there too. It was quite the experience! This is my third brewery now and it was quite different. They had a simulation ride where you were turned into beer and brewed. It was very interesting, but good. At the end they gave us two free beers too! We didn't stay in Amsterdam because it was too expensive so we hopped a train at night to Rotterdam about 30 minutes away and stayed in a hostel there. We spent most of Sunday in Rotterdam and it was nice to see yet another city.

I think that is all that is new with me. I am really enjoying exploring Brussels more everyday and getting lost on runs regularly. I don't know when I will have this place figured is just so big. I am really enjoying it though and looking forward to showing it to all my visitors! :)

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  1. I had my open house last week two!! I didn't have to present a power point though! How high-tech!! I'm glad it went well! Miss you! :)